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Are you a student passionate about animals and pursuing a career in animal care? Whether you're aiming to excel in your exams or seeking a deeper understanding of animal care principles, our Expert Animal Care Tutoring Services are tailor-made for you.

Why Choose Us?


Proven Expertise: With over 13 years of teaching experience in animal care, including creating nationally taught qualifications and collaborating with international examining bodies, we bring unparalleled knowledge and practical insights to our tutoring sessions. Our tutors have guided over 2500 students to success.

Outstanding Teacher Status: Recognised for our exceptional teaching methods, we have achieved Outstanding Teacher Status, a testament to our commitment to education excellence.

Customised Learning: We understand that every student is unique. Our tutoring sessions are personalised to cater to your specific needs and learning styles, ensuring a tailored learning experience.

Interactive and Engaging: Learning animal care should be fun and engaging. We use interactive methods, real-life examples, and engaging activities to make your learning experience enjoyable and memorable.

Exam Preparation: Whether you're preparing for exams, certifications, or assessments, our tutoring will equip you with the knowledge and confidence needed to excel.

Discounts: For every 5 sessions booked up front get your 6th FREE. Plus Amazon vouchers for student referrals. 


Our Services:


One-on-One Tutoring: Personalised tutoring sessions designed to address your specific challenges and enhance your strengths.

Small Group Tutoring: Collaborative learning in small groups, fostering teamwork and peer interaction. Ideal for friends, study groups, or colleagues looking to learn together.

Exam Preparation: Comprehensive exam preparation sessions covering all aspects of animal care courses and certifications.


Career Guidance: Insightful guidance on career paths within the animal care industry, helping you make informed decisions about your future.

Professional Development: Tailored sessions for professionals looking to advance their skills and stay updated with industry trends.


How to Get Started:


Contact: Email to request an application form or just to chat more about what we can offer and how we can best help you to succeed.

Meet Your Expert Tutor: Connect with your experienced animal care tutor who will assess your needs and create a personalized learning plan.

Embark on Your Learning Journey: Enjoy engaging and informative tutoring sessions designed to boost your knowledge and confidence.


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Unlock your full potential in the animal care industry with our Expert Animal Care Tutoring Services. Our dedicated tutors are here to guide you every step of the way. Book Your Session Now and Take the Next Leap in Your Animal Care Career! 🌟🐾